OMG 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6: Modern Photographic

I think its pretty much every little girl’s dream to get married and to wear a beautiful white dress, possibly ride off into the sunset with their prince charming and definitely live happily ever after. It is then pretty much every grown up girl’s dream to have a wedding that is so beautiful everyone will see it and use it as inspiration for their own big day. Many of these are featured in magazines like Brides, Wedding etc. So, I thought I would ask the fabulous Julia of Modern Photographic to give some tips on how to submit your wedding to a magazine. Not only will she give you some good pointers, but there is also a discount listed below if you’d like to book Modern Photographic for your wedding day!

“As well as a photographer, I am art editor at leading bridal title Wedding Magazine and as part of that, I work with our writers and editor on selecting the real life weddings we feature in the magazine. So my top tips are a bit different, they are tips on how and why we select weddings.

1. The most important of all. Select a great photographer, photographers like myself and Ian are well aware of the style of shots magazines are looking for. A good photographer knows how to light still life shots, couple shots as well as reportage shots, to give your wedding the polished high quality look. A great photographer will work with available light, and lighting where needed as well as having the best cameras and lenses.

2. Details. Wedding magazines love to hear your story but the idea behind real life is to show brides ideas and inspire them for their own wedding. Look at other weddings in the magazine to get your inspiration. Think reception tables, flowers, decorations, ceremony details. If you’re on a budget you could even just do special details for the top table.

3. Couple shots and the bridesmaids. As well as LOTS of details, it might sound obvious but you need to get some really stunning shots of the two of you. Sadly I see lots of stunning reportage weddings where there arent any posed couple shots. Reportage captures the moments you might miss, [however] a great shot of the two of you often involves time away. And sometimes apart from in family groups there are no shots of the bridesmaids (who we also want to see shots of!)

4. The right magazine. Different magazines tend to favour different styles, the good news is there are lots of bridal magazines out there. But most like us will only publish your wedding if no other magazine has used it! There are lots of stunning blogs as well and most of us are happy to have the wedding on a blog as well as in a magazine.

5. We get hundreds of weddings every week. Via email and post I get inundated, which is great. This does mean sadly we have to say no to lots of them. But remember if you don’t get picked, you will always cherish your memories and thats really all that matters!

Our offer
We are very fortunate enough to have a very busy diary for 2011, so we are offering 2012 brides a 10% discount on our current 2010 prices for anyone who gets in contact and books an appointment to view our work before the end of the year when they mention OMG 12 days of Christmas.

Thank you Julia! Make sure to check out the fab Modern Photographic website and blog for more info. Is anyone else drooling over that amazing treehouse shot? OMG.

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