OMG 12 Days of Christmas – Day 8: Heline Bekker

Its week 2 of the OMG 12 Days of Christmas – and we are starting off with a super generous 20% of any package booked with the fabulous wedding photographer Heline Bekker! First and foremost, I asked Heline for a few tips when getting ready to have your pics taken…

Heline’s Top Tips for Preparing for your Photoshoot
• Wear a bright colour. It will make your pictures look colourful, full of life and playful.
• Wear at least a little makeup. This hugely improves the outcome of your portraits and it will look great.
• Don’t book your photoshoot during the midday, especially in the summer. The harshsunlight will make you squint and it will cast unflattering dark shadows on your face.
• Have fun!

Make sure to check out Heline Bekker’s website, blog, follow her on Twitter and see her Facebook page for more info.

The OMG Christmas Offer!
Couples have until 31 January 2011 to book Heline, however their wedding can be at any time, as long as she is free! Included in the booking is free engagement shoot. Please note normal booking conditions apply. Offer expires at midnight on 31 Jan 2011.

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