OMG at the Mad Hatter & Make Up Party by Benefit + Katherine Elizabeth Millinery

OMG a big thank you to the lovely Lisa Potter Dixon of Benefit Cosmetics and equally fabulous Rebbeca Holt of Harlequin & Romance Events for inviting me to this awesome Mad Hatters Make Up Extravaganza! Held in partnership with Couture Milliner Katherine Elizabeth, guests were treated to sweets, chocolate and mince pies along with champagne served in tea cups while instructed by experts on how to make their own hat or fascinator. We are also treated to mini make overs and brow consultations – a perfect touch for a girly night out – HOW FUN!

I have to admit I was massively nosy and distracted by what everyone else was doing and so relied on the help of super quick expert Hannah to help me craft my own, but there were some serious designs skills being thrown around as the rest of the ladies at the event were trolling through reams of ribbon, jars of beads and vases full of feathers and felt. I’d like to draw your attention to the A-MAZING feathered hat photographed below – we were all extremely jealous of this creation! What’s great about this event is that the materials and the final pieces are actually really nice – although it feels arts and crafty, you really walk away with something that you would buy in a shop and you’ve made it yourself! I left feeling secretly smug about my hat and planning all my outfits to include a bit of red – however I cannot really take credit for the making of it – thanks Hannah!

A great idea if you want to do something a bit different for a Hen do or Bridal Shower, this party can either be held in one of the Benefit shops or even come to your home, hotel or tea party! I’m not sure I can think of anything more fun than makeup and playing dress up… can you?

Make sure to check out Katherine Elizabeth’s website for more information on Hats, and of course the Benefit Cosmetics site for your nearest store!

Rebecca getting some help from Katherine Elizabeth

Lisa assisting in needle threading…

The hat we are all jealous of! This is the lovely lady behind beauty blog Hell Candy

Oh hello fabulous Benefi packaging, I love you…

Rebecca with her subtly chic hat

Yay Hannah helping me with mine…

Ta da!! Don’t we look faaaaaabulous?

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