OMG Exclusive – Behind the Scenes with Mark Niemierko: The Christmas Card

OMG. I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I have found someone even more fab than Mark Niemierko. Its official – Ruby is so 2011. She might be bigger news than the Royal Wedding – she has already been photographed wearing a gorgeous Phillipa Lepley dress and I might even go as far as to say Kate is jealous… I certainly am.

Yes Ruby Niemierko, rumoured air to the wedding empire, is super cool. And massively cute. I am not afraid to admit I squealed in the middle of my breakfast when Mark showed me some of the shots, although this generally applies to most of his uber luxe events.

So, what I have for you OMG readers today is a bit of a new flash!! / exclusive on the behind the scenes events of the Mark Niemierko Christmas Card. A bit about the star of the show… (sorry Mark!) Ruby is 6 years old and already fab. She is under the impression that Uncle Mark owns all of the hotels in London due to the royal treatment she receives when visiting him on the job, and has considered being a wedding planner when she grows up but hasn’t quite made up her mind yet as “when [Uncle Mark] is on TV, he’s rather boring.” She’s also already come to the conclusion that “its a shame Uncle Mark won’t be able help her with her wedding” because by that time “he’ll be like forty something and way too old.”

If you were lucky enough to receive 1 of the 700 cards sent out the most fabulous people in the wedding industry, you will have by now seen Ruby in the gorgeous £2500 Phillipa Lepley dress, with make up by celebrity makeup artist Maggie Hunt who happens to have also worked with Princess Diana. This did not impress Ruby as much as the fact that Maggie has worked with Simon Cowell as well – the girl has her priorities right! (I wonder what her thoughts were on the final verdict of X Factor this past weekend?) With flowers by Rob Van Helden and a perfectly round 3 ft gold balloon by Jag Balloons, the only thing that was missing from this shoot was Justin Bieber, but thats ok, Ruby plans to have him sing at her wedding. If he’s lucky. All photos have been taken by the fabulous celebrity photographer Catherine Mead.

Here is what Maggie had to say about the shoot:

“I have made up models, royals and diva’s, however when working with Mark’s sweet niece I had to pull out all the stops. Last year I thought it would be fun to see Mark and have a nice time at The Haymarket Hotel whilst working on Ruby but ‘OMG’ she is a little super star in the making! Ruby had an opinion on everything! “Uncle Mark, ‘No’ not that dress this one!” With almost tears in her eyes she would say, ‘Uncle Mark, ‘I don’t want curls!’ “Uncle Mark, I don’t want to hold that cake but this one!”

As I’m always up for a challenge and loving Mark as I do, I agreed to help out again this year, but this time I went armed with more attitude and tolerance. I had a long discussion with Ruby and we agreed on the look to be achieved as one does with the likes of celebrity managers, but not normally with a 6 year old. Talent obviously runs in the Niemierko family because the frocks, look and atmosphere worked out to perfection and once our little starlett had had enough she simply said, “Uncle Mark that’s it, you have your picture and I just can’t give anymore so I’m ready to go home!.”

And a quick quote from celebrity photographer Catherine Mead:

“Having photographed plenty of celebrities and divas over the years, I was excited when Mark asked me to photograph the famous Ruby for this year’s card. A gorgeous star in the making, Ruby was dressed to perfection, always ready to strike another brilliant pose. She also liked to add her own creative input to the photo shoot, suggesting ideas to make her look at her best! It’s hard to remember that she’s just six, and eventually she opted for milkshakes instead of fairy wings, and took Mark off to Knightsbridge for some retail therapy. Being a Brownie leader also, I thought perhaps I could coax a little more out of her on the photo shoot with the offer of a badge or two? If only Harrods did Brownie badges…”

Of course make sure to check out the Mark Niemierko website and blog, as well as Maggie Hunt’s site and Catherine Mead’s site for more details. Don’t you wish you could join in for next year’s card? Speculation is already out to see if Ruby might agree to future events, to which she simply replied “Not sure I want to be a model… Its a bit boring smiling at the camera all the time.” Life is tough, eh?

And of course – the official Niemierko Christmas Card, 2011.

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