A Bright Red Christmas Wedding with Candlesticks Galore – Hayley & Ant

OMG EMMA CASE IS ON THE BLOG!!!! I am so excited to share this beautiful wedding today as not only is it fabulous but it is also shot by the lovely Emma Case whom I have admired from my shy corner of the wedding blog world for ages. In fact, when we met at the RocknRoll Bride party last year, I got so shy I had to run away and eat a cupcake to calm myself down. In all seriousness, this girl is awesome. And so is this wedding.

Enter Hayley and Ant, the bride and groom starring in the photos below. The two were married in December of last year at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich, and while they didn’t set out a them per se, Hayley said “there was a LOT of red. It’s my favourite colour and it seemed appropriate for Christmas.” Well I love it. And I LOVE Hayley’s bright red flower that she wore in her hair. The bold reds against the white of her dress and the backdrop of the venue feels somehow nostalgic and modern at the same time. Fab. Hayley wore a beautiful dress by Fur Coat No Knickers and awesome sparkly Christian Louboutin wedding shoes, (who’s jealous?) while Ant designed his own suit and had it made by A Suit That Fits. Hayley also wore her nan’s pearls wrapped around her wrist. They were given to her by her grandad on their wedding anniversary. Hayley’s look was finished to perfect with the fabulous 50’s styling of It’s Something Hell’s shop in Carnaby street.

All the grown up bridesmaids wore dresses by Vivien of Holloway and the little bridesmaids wore dresses from Monsoon, bought in the January sales a year in advance – great advice if you’re organised enough! The venue was decorated with hundreds of different candlesticks collected by the bride, her mum and her sister. They were all from charity shops or ebay and after the ceremony they picked out the ones they liked the best and sent the rest back to the charity shop. (OMG)

Last but not least, Hayley asked her bridesmaid Veneta Hooper to design their invites based on one of her illustrations. Love.

Advice from the Bride: Don’t get hung up on anything. I know it’s a cliche that everyone says but I really didn’t realise how true this was. I was adamant I wanted a candlelit ceremony and rejected any venues with a no candle policy. I told everyone about our candlelit wedding adn even chose the ceremony time specifically for its pretty-by-candlelight potential. As it happened the venue put all my candles on the tables and none in the ceremony area. And guess what…I didn’t even notice. It wasn’t until I looked at the photos afterwards, and Ant told me how he’d had to beg them to at least put some candles on the registrars table, that I realised I hadn’t had my longed for candlelit ceremony after all! All that matters is that you get married, but you only realise this afterwards.

Any regrets? Nothing major but we both wished we had told the band which songs we wanted them to play. We hired them because they had loads of 80s stuff on their playlist but we neglected to tell them this! Our fault, not theirs, and they were brilliant anyway, even of they weren’t playing the Duran Duran we’d hoped for.

Best decision made: Our best decision was to get married in the first place! Other than that I think it was the Christmas Carols. My bridesmaid played the grand piano and everybody had a good old sing song. The guests loved it.

Beautiful wedding and beautiful photos, thanks so much Emma for sharing! Make sure to check out Emma Case’s website / blog for more info. And also have a look at her new collaboration with fellow photographers: From Our Hearts. (Don’t you just want to be their best friends?)

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