A City Chic Wedding and a Big Pink Balloon – Pearl & Angus

OMG How gorgeous is this bride? I’ve been a bit late on posting today, but is this wedding worth the wait or what? I am so pleased to be sharing these photos with you courtesy of Ellen Ho from Hong Photography. I’m not sure exactly where to start so I’ll start with what Ellen had to say about the day:

“When Pearl and Angus decided to tie the knot, I was so honored that they chose us for their wedding. Pearls works in a web site designing company, so she’s full of cool ideas on your wedding day. I love that she chose to have her wedding right in front the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center where the fountain and church are the backdrop. There were people and tourists on the street actually stopped and watched their beautiful ceremony. Another very cool thing she had at the wedding was the ABBA band she had during her reception. It’s quirky and fun, everyone enjoyed it so much! I absolutely adore all the photos from the location photo shoot. I knew her theme color is pink so I brought along a huge pink balloon to add another fun element to her shoot, and it went perfectly with the couple!”

UHM. I love it. I love the dress change and the traditional tea ceremony, I love the big pink balloon and the fact that the dress in the wedding portraits is.. wait for it.. yes. A nightgown. I love the uber gorgeous shots with the flowers in focus and Pearl’s super fluffy pink bouquet of amazing flowers. The overall look and feel of the day is fabulously contemporary without losing the feminine feel of being a bride and the fairy-tale atmosphere of a traditional wedding. I love.

Make sure to check out Ellen’s site – Hong Photography’s website and blog for more info.

Nightgown from location photo session: Lisa’s Bridal in New Westminster
Wedding dress: Bello
Hair Stylist : Harmes from Mentor Hair
Makeup: Pauline Tso
Reception: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center
Chair + outdoor ceremony rental: A&B Party Rental
Chair cover & Center piece decorator: Larvish Design Group
Florist: Balconi
Pedicab: Cruise Cab
Brass Chamber music: The Bessborough Brass
Wedding Cake: Ganache Patisserie
Abba band: Abba Again

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