A Wedding Event with a Difference – by Save the Date Magazine

There are a few things that I don’t think you can really get enough of when you’re a bride to be. Things you treat yourself to and things you convince yourself (and possibly bridesmaids and husbands to be) you must do because you only get this one chance to see everything there is to see that is wedding related.

This provides the perfect excuse to indulge yourself in spending hours rummaging around the best wedding blogs, flipping through glossy wedding magazines, and of course, attending as many wedding fairs, events, pamper evenings and catwalk shows as humanly possible. And why not? Sometimes I look at wedding magazines on the rack at the store and think, well I don’t NEED every single issue that has come out since I’ve been engaged, I already chose my dress… but then there is that little voice in the back of my head that says “OMG but you are a BRIDE. You deserve it.” Does anyone else get that?

So, same thing applies to wedding events, in fact even more so because you get to meet people, and talk to vendors, see things in person for your decor and get valuable advice from people in the industry. Plus its really fun to have a girly day with your friends, drink champagne, have tea and go walk around talking about wedding stuff. So, what is this Wedding Event with a Difference all about then?

Here is what the lovely ladies at Save the Date Magazine had to say about their event:
Having been involved in the wonderful world of weddings for over a year, producing Save the Date Magazine for the East Midlands, one thing has become very clear to us – wedding fayres have had their day. OK, so, there is the odd few which still offer a glimmer of hope but as far as we can see when we look around, they are getting pretty dull. So, we at Save the Date Magazine have decided to give them a facelift and bring them screeching into the 21st century.

So, how are we going to do it? Well, we’ve located an amazing blank canvas called The Roundhouse in Derby (don’t let the college website put you off, it seriously is very cool) which offers the most ideal location (just a hop across the road from Derby train station and with plenty of car parking) and we’ve set about getting the most inspirational, creative and enthusiastic wedding suppliers in the business. We’ve named each area of the event, from ‘the style lounge’ to ‘the blokes corner’, ‘the look’ to ‘all things pretty’ and the aim is to inspire brides to be with interactive stands and innovative, live demonstrations by our suppliers. There will also be a catwalk show, a champagne bar, toys for the boys (hence the blokes corner), lots of entertainment and an exciting, buzzing atmosphere.

Our aim is to achieve a mix of the Designer Wedding Show in London (in terms of the calibre of exhibitors) with a stripped back, uncomplicated, rustic and totally relaxed atmosphere. The perfect environment for our lovely brides to be to meet and mingle with fellow brides to be and chat with inspirational suppliers who won’t be pushing flyers in their face or offering out of date chocolates 😉

Fancy giving it a whirl? Tickets are on sale here and please enter the discount code OMG to take advantage of a half price deal!

The Wedding Event with a Difference
Sunday 6th February 2011 (10.30 – 16.00)
The Roundhouse, Pride Park, Derby

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