Lindsay Fleming Vintage Wedding Dresses – Contemporary Twist on Historical Fashion

OMG there is nothing quite like a beautiful vintage wedding dress. I read a little something written by Annabel of Love My Dress this morning which said that true vintage was timeless, classic and never goes our of fashion. I could not agree more and think this applies to the fabulous gorgeousness that comes out of the Lindsay Flemming work room! Check out these photos – not only are the garments stunning but the styling and photos capture that elegance that a vintage bride always strives for. I am so thankful to be showing these photos on OMG and also for the time that the lovely people at Lindsay Flemming took to answer some of my questions. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

For loads more photos and info, check out the Lindsay Fleming website.

Photos by Archibald Photography

1. What is the process like for a bride when she orders her dress from Lindsay Fleming?
We have three basic ways clients can order a dress from Lindsay Fleming. Firstly, if they can make it to our studio in Abington, we can offer a full ‘Made-to-Measure service, with all consultations and fittings included in the fixed price. Many clients travel up from England and even fly in from the continent for each and every one of the fittings. The second option is for those who cannot visit us for whatever reason, which includes clients from the far corners of the world. Our ‘Mail-Order’ service allows us to create a made-to-measure dress by sending a mock-up to client which is then returned with any changes marked on the fabric. From this we make the dress which and post it out. The price of a ‘Mail-Order’ dress is slightly cheaper because there may be very slight alterations required to the dress when it is received. For the past year we have been offering a third option, a service we named, ‘The Lindsay Fleming Roadshow’. Although currently only available in London, we have plans to extend to other regions in the future. ‘The Roadshow’ entails us bringing all out dresses down to a location in Centarl London where we offer a service similar to clients coming to see us in our studio. Clients can come along and talk to Grace who designs and makes all the dresses, try on any of the gowns, look through our fabric books, and then if they decide to proceed, return in a few months time for fittings and alterations. We return to the same location every 8 to 10 weeks.

The beauty of all our services are that you can mix and match as necessary. For example a client may visit our Roadshow and choose her dress, then return for all the fittings, but collect her dress at our studio because her wedding is in Scotland. Another bride may come to the studio for her first and second consultation, but receive the dress by post.

We are also in the process of searching out a number of quality agents who will offer a ‘Made-to-Order’ service for a selection of our gowns. Although in the early stages, we are hoping to announce our first agent in the Midlands in the very near future.

2. Do you have any advice for brides when they go about looking for their perfect wedding dress?
Take your time and try on as many styles of dresses as possible. Take along someone whose taste you appreciate, but do not ask too many people for their opinion. We often see half a dozen friends accompany the bride and everyone has different tastes. The poor bride just ends up confused. Start the process as early as possible to give yourself time to find the right dress. If you decide to have your dress made-to-measure then allow at least six months as most designers are working on a number of dresses at the same time and can very quickly be fully booked well in advance.

3. What sort of fabrics and materials do you use that are unique and where are they sourced?
Our favourite fabric is top quality silk which is then adorned in crystals beads and lavish embroidery. Our designs are timeless, and as such we will offer a gown for years to come. Therefore we find it easier if we use plain fabrics and make them unique ourselves. We also love to use exquisite lace in our designs, making them even more unique by hand tinting to the clients request.

4. Where does your inspiration come from for each collection and how often do you create new styles?
Our inspirations come from Grace’s love of historical fashion. Our first collection, ‘The Celtic Spirit Collection’ was released in 1997 and most of the designs are still available today. We only release a collection every couple of years, with our latest ‘The Manhattan Collection’ planned for an early 2011 launch. We do not try to copy the bridal gowns of a particular period, rather our designs are a modern interpretation on the fashions of the time.

5. I see you’ve won loads of awards! How do you keep your ideas fresh every year and which designers inspire you?
Thanks. We are proud to have been voted Scottish Designer of the Year on three of the last five years. We do not keep our eye on the current bridal trends, we would rather continue to design dresses which are unique in the market. Our inspiration comes from some of history’s most influential designers, including Channel, Poiret, and Schiaparelli from the early part of the last century, and Dior and and Givenchy from the middle.

6. Anything else you’d like to share with OMG readers?
This spring we will be exhibiting at a number vintage wedding shows around the country to try to bring our designs to a wider market. In the first quarter of the year we are already booked to visit Glasgow, Birmingham, Harrogate and London, with a number of others in the pipeline.

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