Modern Chinese Wedding with Red, Black & White details – Dionne + Zaq

Very few things make me happier than a couple’s dance routine at their wedding. Especially when there is a costume change. Anyone else agree? I know it’s been done loads of times, but I fall for it every single time because I think its fab when people don’t take themselves too seriously. Its always best to let your hair down and bust a groove, feel funky and show your friends your super cool moves. I know my H2B wants to have his stage time at our wedding, however that is a different story.

A bit about today’s couple – Zaq and Dionne – first of all, and totally wedding unrelated – how cool are their names? Love. Expertly shot by one of my new favourite photograpgers, the lovely Clair Estelle, this bride and groom were married in Australia last fall to shoot at the Salt Resort in Kingscliff, NSW. The overall theme of the day was incorporated a modern twist on Chinese tradition with bold black, red and white details. The wedding was for over 300 people (OMG!) and was full of red roses, cupcakes and dancing.

Dionne’s dress was from a small boutique in Queensland and was embellished with feathers around the waist that she added herself. The bridesmaids also had custom feathers added to their dresses to match along with lavish, sparkly earrings to complete the festive look.

Best decision made:
To get married!

Memorable moments:
When the whole bridal party, plus all the cousins (30+ people) emerged from there seats all over the venue and performed with the bride and groom a dance to “Boogie Wonderland” – crazy fun and great show!

Gorgeous! Make sure to check out Clair Estelle’s website for more info and loads more gorgeous couples.

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