OMG Sponsor – Robert Burress of Shooting Hip Photography

I am pleased to introduce OMG readers to another new sponsor – Robert Burress of Shooting Hip Photography! With a very distinct style and really beautiful colours in his photos, Robert is an OMG favourite and was also one of the first photographers featured on the blog when we started. I really love the contemporary style that is consistently used throughout his shots and the contrast between light and dark creates a very dramatic, yet modern effect.

When asked to describe his style … “… I would say that it falls into three distinct area throughout the course of a shoot. If you take a small bit of reportage, throw in a generous helping of photojournalism and add a dash of glamour and you’ve got my style in one. Some folks might call it Creative or Artistic Wedding Photojournalism. I can’t honestly say that I’m entirely photojournalistic. I love details, love to splash around a little light and sometimes like to hang back and crop tight. What I will say is that my style is my own and I think that after surfing the site of 20 photographers you’ll find 18 of them all look the same. BTW…I’m one of the other two.” I couldn’t agree more, you will instantly recognize his work, and I absolutely love it.

He’s been featured numerous times on OMG already and I’m so proud now to include him as part of the OMG family. Make sure of course to check out the Shooting Hip website and blog for more info and of course stay tuned to more features coming up!

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