OMG Sponsor – Celine Chaplin

OMG welcomes another fabulous sponsor to the blog today – the lovely Celine Chaplin! A london based wedding and portrait photographer, this fabulous lady also travels to capture special moments for couples all over the place. You will have probably seen Celine’s work on various wedding blogs already, as she is that super, but make sure to have a quick look at the short article she wrote for OMG for the 12 Days of Christmas series last month.

She not only gives some great tips for couples who are setting up their engagement shoot, but also offers a discount for brides and grooms who book before the end of this month! If you’re looking to save a bit but don’t want to comprimise on your photographer – now you can have the best of both worlds! With a passion for capturing real moments and emotions on camera, Celine will not disappoint.

Make sure to check out Celine Chaplin’s website and blog for more info – including an amazing wedding at St. Paul’s with 100s of bright red balloons! (My personal favourite!).

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