OMG Sponsor – O&C Photography

TGIF everyone! The only thing that has gotten me through this first week back at work is of course, blogging beautiful weddings and blogging about my fabulous sponsors! Introducing the lovely team of Charis and Owen behind O&C Photography! Yet another amazing UK wedding photography duo, these guys are just plain awesome. You might remember their mustache clad Leamington Spa wedding from a few months back and if you don’t its DEFINITELY worth checking out as its one of my favourite weddings from last year!

I really love the creativity O&C bring to the table and their colours as well as B&W shots are just gorgeous. Both Owen and Charis do such a great job at capturing the details that you are always going to want to remember from your wedding day – those long hours making 100s of name cards or wedding favours cannot (and will not) be lost with these two around. Completely relaxed and approachable, this couple’s style just makes you want to be best friends with them!

Make sure to check out the O&C Photography website as well as their blog for more info.

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