OMG’s Christmas Tree & English Tea Bridal Shower

OMG I have the best family ever. Most of you have probably met MOB already through the blog but she is just one of many fabulous people that I am so lucky to have in my life. I’m afraid this is going to be one of those cheesy posts so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with cheesefactor already, maybe just skip to the photos. I’m sorry I can’t help it.

A bit of background quickly – my actual family – blood relatives etc – is very small, and most of the time it is just the four of us – MOB, FOB, my brother and me. We also have animal family members. We love them. But relatively speaking, compared to some of my friends, this is still teeny tiny. My family lives across 3 continents which is very exciting but also sometimes lonely. Because of this and various other reasons, MOB and FOB’s friends and their families have all become my extended family. They are all fab and I am so lucky. One such lady, the very lovely Linda, happened to live in London for a few years and thus became mum No 2. Linda has two awesome daughters, Katie (OMG Bridesmaid!) and Jamie.

So. Every year, my entire extended family of fabulous people try and meet in a little place in South Carolina for the holidays. I love them all dearly and I was so very lucky to have all the ladies of my life invited to join me for my first ever Bridal Shower hosted by Linda (mum No 2) Katie and Jamie. (YAY!)

The theme of the shower was a “Christmas Tea to Decorate J&A’s Tree” and it was so fun! As the bride, it was fun because I got to of course see all my friends and family, drink delicious champagne & tea, eat scones and clotted cream and open presents. As a blogger I had fun because I could not wait to share this idea with you. It was so nice to be able to collect christmas ornaments for my rather sad Argos tree that I have at home, because next year we will be able to decorate it with loads of meaningful ornaments from the people I love the most. Brilliant idea and super sentimental. Thank you so so much to all of my other adopted mums and sisters and aunts and nieces. LOVE YOU!

Thank you to Katie for all the super photos and also my hair piece ūüôā I am the luckiest girl ever in the universe.

Invites were sent out via Paperless Post.

Also noteworthy is the dozens of baby pictures that MOB managed to arrange around the house. How cute is my brother and how grumpy am I?

OMG, MOB and adopted mums.

Lovely host Linda (mum No. 2) and MOB

OMG check out my hairpiece isn’t it awesome? Also meet Ashley. She could possible be more fabulous than hairpiece.

Newlywed Darcy and Tatiana of Hello Super 8. (Excuse the name drop, I’m a huge fan)

OMG and adopted mum Judy.

Super cute Meghan and her GORGEOUS daughter Mackenzie.

Little girls having a tea party.

Katie being very posh.

Livvy painted her nails gold to match our wedding colours! She is a dancer, can you tell?

Adopted mum Sheila.

According to Southern tradition, Darcy made me a bouquet out of all the ribbons from the gifts that I have to take¬†with me on my Hen night. Isn’t it fab?

OMG and bridesmaid / photographer Katie!

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