MOB / Wedding Ninja vs The Paper Goods

So. I am no longer just MOB, I am now a member of the Wedding Ninja Dream Team…. the other member being my daughter the bride. I just spent a busy two weeks in London doing all manner of wedding things. Here is an update midway through the planning and launching phase. (You would think we were trying to launch a spacecraft mission!)

Week 1
We had a lovely day together in Bath where we went for a tasting. Can I offer a bit of advice for those of you who will be attending such an event?

1 – Do not eat for at least three days before going as you will be involved in an eat-o-rama.
2 – If you do not fancy a mid-afternoon siesta, don’t schedule the tasting for late morning where you will be consuming copious amounts of alcohol!
3 – Regarding the alcohol…pace yourself or you may find yourself ordering the wrong food!
4 – Do take your camera because every woman loves to see a photo of herself stuffing food into her mouth!

Following the tasting and our fab trip to Bath, we spent the rest of my visit ensconced in paper discussions and constructions.

Week 2
I must say I was quite honored when my daughter asked me if I would make her invitations…. I do design cards but never thought I would be creating invitations to MY daughter’s wedding! “Fab! Are you sure you don’t just want to buy them???” I asked. But no she wanted MOB to make them. Well it is not as easy as folding the paper and then printing the details, especially because I live on the other side of the world from my darling daughter. But not to worry, surely we could do this. When I was in London in August we picked out the paper for the Save the Date cards. Great, I took most of it home with me and she shipped the other bits.

To be honest, I wasn’t really thinking VOLUME. In hindsight I now know it does take a bit of time to make 200 of anything, but I had 3 months to crank them out and I did, happily. What I was not so happy about was putting all of my hard work into my suitcase for the trip back to London in December though. WHAT if something happened to my luggage? What if it got lost in the big luggage heaven in the sky? What if my suitcase went to some remote island where people didn’t even get married??? There was NO way was I going to trust my works of art in the suitcase. So I bubble wrapped each card and carried the bundles on the airplane. Now, I think the security people at the airport were a bit puzzled about all of these wrapped items in my hand carry on. They just stared at me and shook their heads. But I was secure in knowing that my prized work was next to me on the plane.

OMG: “So MOB, we should be able to assemble and address all 200 of these cards in a couple of hours don’t you think?”
MOB: “Sure sweetheart and I will lose 50 pounds doing it too!”

There was something so amusing about the (non)possibility of completing this task in a few hours. Needless to say it took us the week I was there and numerous battles with the tape dispenser to achieve our goal. But the Save the Dates are addressed and in the post! Hurray.

NEXT… Ok so now we need to concentrate on all of the other stationary pieces that go along with the Save the Date cards. We need invitations, reply cards, menus, placecards and order or service booklets. So off we headed to Paperchase to see what we could find. We had some vague ideas of what we wanted but nothing concrete. Well let me tell you, we were in the store so long that we had shed our coats, had coffee and 2 people actually asked Alexis some questions about the merchandise. They thought she WORKED there!!! Eventually after several hours and a few snack breaks we accomplished our task. We had THOUSANDS of sheets of paper for me to take home and work on. Great! I am up for the challenge. Of course how we were going to get this paper in the suitcase without wrinkling and ruining it, I did not know.

Oh yes, the post office sells cardboard tubes that you can use to roll up the sheets of paper and stuff them in for safe travel. Perfect. Now we are not talking about 1 tube, we are talking about 4 tubes and even that wasn’t enough. But nevermind. I carefully packed the tubes and THEY DID NOT FIT INTO MY SUITCASE. THEY WERE TOO LONG. Well we all know that necessity is the mother of invention. So, really isn’t a bread knife’s alternative job to cut through cardboard tubing??? If you didn’t know it before, you know it now.

Thankfully the paper made it through numerous airports, airplane transfers and car rides. Safe at last…or so I thought. Who would have thought that a DOG could carry a paper laden tube in its mouth to a discreet corner of a room and eat it???? Thankfully I came upon our puppy Harley after he had chewed the cap off the tube and gnawed his way through about an inch of cardboard but BEFORE he actually got to the paper…Saved by MOB! I figure the next 6 months should fly by making 200 of everything. But it is a labor of love. I would do anything to be part of my daughter’s special memories….

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