OMG Our China Town London Engagement Shoot with Marianne Taylor!

Ok so I promise this is the last post about me for a while, but I really cannot help but share these photos with you all. I guarantee loads and loads more wedding goodness next week but this afternoon I’d like to share with you J and I’s engagement shoot shot by the one and only Marianne Taylor.

We decided to take photos in Chinatown because we not only met in Hong Kong but also got engaged over Chinese New Year last year and had a massive dim sum meal with all our friends the day after. Having spent 10 years in HK, we definitely feel like it is a part of us and wanted to pay homage to the amazing country that brought us together. You might have seen Marianne’s blog post last week (on my birthday – what an amazing present!!) but if by any chance you missed it, I’ve chosen a few more pictures she has not featured so head on over to her site as well for even more.

Let me first start off by saying I was so massively starstruck by Marianne the first time we met I don’t remember much of it. I was running late, got lost trying to find our meeting spot, ran like a crazy person around the london eye and then spilled water on myself, although maybe she didn’t notice… I also remember when I saw one of her weddings on Rock n Roll Bride at the Andaz and spent the rest of the evening trawling her blog and website for more. I just love absolutely everything about the way she works and captures moments and we are so so grateful to have her as our wedding photographer. (HOORAY!!!)

Everything from the first moment we spoke over email through to the exciting little package I received in the post this morning with our CD of images has been perfect and I can’t wait for our wedding photos! I was a bit nervous to do our engagement shoot as there is so much pressure to have a stylist and work with props and have loads of outfit changes and have a lot of input in the art direction, but after numerous trips to markets and online browsing, I decided that the best thing to do was to just be ourselves and leave the rest to Marianne. Best decision ever. She made us feel so comfortable, got us to do silly things that totally broke the ice and we had such a good time. I love every single shot she’s taken and couldn’t be more pleased. THANKS MARIANNE!

Make sure to check out Marianne’s website and blog for more info.

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