OMG Sponsor – Andrew Dobell

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m very pleased to introduce you to OMG Sponsor Andrew Dobell, a fabulous wedding photographer based in Surrey. Having studied art, Andrew is not only a creative and dramatic photographer but also a commercial illustrator having created artwork for many books and posters. He also has a cat who gets a special mention on his website. He says she thinks she rules the household which resonates with someone else I know!

Andrew says “It may be a cliché, but it’s also true, that I love shooting weddings. They’re such fun events with everyone dressed up and having a great time, celebrating the love of the bride and groom. I get such a great buzz from doing a good job on a wedding, and then showing the couple their photos a few weeks later and seeing their faces as they relive those treasured moments.”

I really love the strong contrast in Andrew’s black and white shots below and how beautiful are those photos in the field? Make sure to check out Andrew Dobell’s website for more info and have a great weekend!

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