Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport Engagement Shoot – Chanelle & Michael

I have had my fair share of airport moments with J as after being together for less than a month in highschool, we both went off to uni in different countries. For the next four years I think I cried dramatically in a bazillion airports around the world saying goodbye each time we had to part. Drama queen? Probably. Somewhat nostalgic when I watch Love Actually? Always. In LOVE with this engagement shoot by the fabulous Juliet McKee of Sugar and Spice Photography? Defo.

I have yet to shed tears of joy or sadness in Terminal 5, and I am pleased to say that the only thing you’re going to see in these photos is happniess. How cool to shoot in the airport?!?! Chanelle and Michael went to great lengths to obtain a permit to shoot at Heathrow earlier this year and I’m glad they did! The pair work at London’s Heathrow Airport and will soon be jetting off to Oman on a work trip, so what better place to have their shoot than at the new Terminal 5. Also can we talk about how they chose my birthday for their wedding day? ‘Tis fate I think.

LOVE. Make sure to hop on over to Juliet McKee’s website for more details and more gorgeous shots.

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