The Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot – Revealed!

I’ve written the copy for this morning’s post about 12 times now and I’m still struggling to put in to words how lucky I feel to have been a part of this shoot. A few months ago, Kat of RocknRoll Bride invited a few of the UK’s wedding bloggers to be involved and I am still so so honored to have been included. THANK YOU KAT!!!!

She said “My inspiration for this shoot came from the fact that I had seen a lot of big brands in the States using fashion bloggers to model for and promote their new lines. I loved the idea and thought it could really work for the UK wedding market. After all, wedding blogs are the new wedding magazines right?! I approached Rachel at Wimbledon-based Luella’s Boudoir if she’d be up for letting us run wild in her shop and thankfully she loved the idea!”

And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to being involved in one of Kat’s creative shoots? I certainly did. Did I also mention that she had award winning wedding photographer Lisa Devlin on board to capture the entire day? Could I have been more excited? Not possible.

The whole shoot was planned with perfection and it was great to not only take part but also be able to have a voice in the creative process. Each blogger was asked to do a bit of a mood board to show what our personal style was like and how we’d like to represent our brand. These were passed on to the creative team for interpretation and then realised on the day. The amount of time and effort that went into making sure this day ran smoothly was immense and it all worked perfectly thanks to the amazingly talented people in charge – the lovely RocknRoll Bride herself and her dream team:

Dresses/accessories/location: Luella’s Boudoir, Wimbledon, London
Photographer: Lisa Devlin of Devlin Photos assisted by Amy Bartlam
Stylist: Kate Barbour
Hair: Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection and Elbie Van Eeden
Make up: Alison Cameron and Kaz Fernando
Video: Richard Wakefield of FX Films
Flowers: Alison Trickey of Pollen Nation
Cameras provided by Hasselblad

With each blogger representing a different style / type of bride, I decided to take part in the shoot as a bridesmaid due to the fact that I’m not yet married and don’t want my H2B seeing me in any wedding dresses before our big day. I also have the tendency to get super nervous when I’m wearing a wedding dress (in a good way of course) so I don’t think it would have helped me in my modeling debut! (I tried my best to channel Tyra but not sure how well that worked! I was definitely trying to SMIZE) The whole day was an insane amount of fun and everyone was an absolute dream to work with. I really felt like I walked away from the whole experience with loads of new and fabulous friends who I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet. (*cue cheesy music and big fat wedding blogger smile).

Anyway, without further adieu, I’d like to share with you the result of the most exciting collaboration I have ever been part of. We’ve each blogged this awesome video from FX Films along with our individual portraits as well as some of the group shots. Make sure to click on the links provided to see everyone else’s photos as they’re all equally AMAZING!!!

The Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photo Shoot (Behind the Scenes) from FX Films on Vimeo.

OMG what am I wearing?
Dress: Nicole Bridesmaid Dress £220 brooch £65
Shoes: Pearl with embleshment by Emmy Custom Made Wedding Shoes £390
Hair Accessory: Lily Headdress by Real Princess Company £250

So. Wanna see all my new fabulous friends working it out in various GORGEOUSLY exclusive outfits from Luella’s? Yeah you do.

Check out Kat from RocknRoll Bride as the Rockstar Bride
Check out Kelly as the Boho Bride
Check out Annabel of Love My Dress as the Vintage Bride
Check out Amma of Beyond Beyond as the Modern Bride
Check out Charley of London Bride as the Cute & Quirky Bride

Also check out Lisa Devlin’s blog post on the entire shoot!

And now for the faaaaabulous group shots…

Group Shots Shopping List
(Everything is available for purchase through Luella’s Boudoir)

Alexis (OMG that’s me!)
Dress: Peony dress by Lisa Redman £1300 and lace bolero by Lisa Redman £320
Hair Accessory: Lace Tulle Disc Band by Jane Taylor Millinery £550
Accessories: Starlet Cuff by Yarwood-White £230
Shoes: Pearl with embleshment by Emmy Custom Made Wedding Shoes £390

Kat of RocknRoll Bride
Dress: Orginial Blush vintage dress £1900
Hair Accessory: Gold Shooting Star Band by Jane Taylor Millinery £320
Shoes: Poppy by Emmy Custom Wedding Shoes £390
Earrings: Pure Crystal Link Earrings by Real Princess Company £55

Amma of Beyond Beyond
Dress: Daisy by Lisa Redman £2000 belt £250 by Lisa Redman
Hair accessories: Cloud nine headband £245 Athena headband £200 both by Victoria Fergusson

Kelly of Boho Bride
Dress: Maimuna by Charlotte Casadejus £2100
Hair accessory: New Rose Headband by Yarwood-White £205
accessories: New Rose Cuff by Yarwood-White £185

Annabel of Love My Dress
Dress: Audrey by Charlotte Casadejus £1990
Hair accessory: Hollywood Band £340 by Magpie Vintage
Accessories: Vintage Clip Earrings £35 by Magpie Vintage

Charley of London Bride
Dress: Rose with pale pink sash £1650 by Luella’s Boudoir
Accessories: Starlet Brooch £95 by Yarwood-White and Large Frou Frou Flower Headdress by Real princess Company £220

For information or to purchase any of the items listed, please contact Rachel at Luella’s Boudoir on +44 (0)20 8879 7744 or by emailing

And now time for my cheesy thank you’s….

Thank you Kat for constantly challenging the wedding industry
Thank you Charley for my tea towel and for your genuine, friendly personality
Thank you Amma for never tiring from talking about paper goods
Thank you Kelly for your constant wedding chit chat
Thank you Annabel for being absolutely fabulous and super sweet

Thank you Kaz for never saying no to more lashes and making me feel fancy
Thank you Sev for hiding my grey hairs and making me feel shiny
Thank you Alison and Elbie for your super cool creativity
Thank you Kate for your insane styling and for letting me wear that (OMG amazing) hat
Thank you Rachel for welcoming us into your gorgeous shop to play dress up
Thank you Richard for the yummy brownies and the video I have watched about 32 times
Thank you Alison for making the set look and smell delicious
Thank you Amy for some awesome behind the scenes shots

And last but not least, thank you Lisa for making me totally comfortable behind the camera and for capturing this day in such an unbelievable way.

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