Beautiful Bath Engagement Session – Michelle & Jodie

The first time I visited Bath was with my mother and fiance when we were looking for our perfect wedding venue. We wanted to get married in a place that had beautiful scenery, but also things for out of town guests to do when they came to the UK. We love London and consider it our home, but the view of Bath when you are standing at the top of the hill looking down on the city absolutely took my breath away. What a gorgeous city. I cannot wait to get married there! When I saw this engagement shoot on the McKinley-Rodgers Photography website, I HAD to feature it.

Not only is the essence of the city captured beautifully, but the light is so romantic and the couple are giving off such genuine emotion. Michelle is an events manager, wedding planner (OMG!) and also a blogger! The two are actually getting married in Kent where the bride is from, but the groom, Jodie, grew up in Bath so it made perfect sense for him to take Michelle through the stories of his childhood and for Pen and Cam to document it in this beautiful way.

Thanks so much to the couple and also to Pen & Cam for sharing these shots! Make sure to check out the McKinley-Rodgers Photography website and blog for more.

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