Beautiful Belle & Bunty Wedding Dresses

I am pleased to introduce the lovely UK based wedding dress designers of Belle & Bunty this evening, thanks so much to both Hannah and Alice for taking the time to answer a few questions and telling me a bit more about their gorgeous creations. Make sure to check out their ready to wear collection as well for your bridesmaids, each dress is bespoke and can be customised to your colours. These dresses are a lovely modern option for brides looking for something with a bit of colour and sass.

1. What is the process like for a bride when she orders her dress from Belle & Bunty?
Both myself and Hannah meet with our brides and discuss with them what they are looking for and what their dreams are for their dress. We like the appointments to be informal and fun as opposed to some bridal shops which are daunting and intimidating! Once a shape has been decided on from our range we will then go over fabrics and colours. We have a range of sizes and samples in our boutique so brides can really see which styles they like and fabrics that fit with their ideas. We usually have one or 2 fittings and then the dress is ready to sashe down the aisle with a beautiful lady inside.

2. Do you have any advice for brides when they go about looking for their perfect wedding dress?
We have heard lots of stories of brides being forced into trying on styles that they do not like by pushy sales people. Silhouettes which they dont think flatters their figures or represents their personality. Our advice would be to pick a shape that is truly “you”. One that you will feel 100% yourself in and therefore totally comfortable and happy on your big day.You may have to try on a range of styles but you’ll know as soon as you try on”The One”. Also good underwear is very important ! Make sure you wear something well fitting and smooth so as not to distract from the dresses at all.

3. What sort of fabrics and materials do you use that are unique and where are they sourced?
We use 100% pure silk for our wedding dresses- it has taken us years to source and fine tune our fabric selection for these dresses and we hope by using the best quality fabrics our dresses not only look good but feel great when they are on. We make everything here in the UK so we can keep a close eye at every stage. This also gives us the freedom to make our Bridal dresses usually within 6-8 weeks but we can rush something through if needed !

4. Where does your inspiration come from for each collection and how often do you create new styles?
Our initial inspiration for these dresses was our own weddings. We both spent alot of time researching and going thorough the process ourselves. We wanted dresses that made you feel like ‘you on a really good day’. Something you felt comfortable and confident in so that the dress really enhances the bride rather than dominating her. We both love glamour whatever era it comes from we are constantly adding new ideas and working with new shapes in the studio. The women that come to us are a huge source of inspiration – their different backgrounds, their lifestyles and tastes.

5. I see you also do ready to wear, anything you might suggest for bridesmaids to check out?
Absolutely! Have a look at our Midi Willow Dresses – perfect for the modern bridesmaid. We can do these in your colour scheme – if you have one !

6. Anything else you’d like to share with OMG readers?
Come to our studio for tea and biscuits and see what we can create for you on your special day ! Plus new styles are in the pipeline so do keep an eye out for them soon !

Of course make sure to check out the Belle & Bunty website for more info.

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