Controversial Engagement Shoot: An Affair to Remember – Sean & Emma

This evening I have yet another fabulously styled and art directed engagement shoot from Thao Dang of Thaoski, You might have seen Sean and Emma a few weeks ago when I featured their sombre engagement shoot based on a sad narrative that encouragde the reader / viewer to make up their own story. Although the resulting images were far from the cheek to cheek grins on brides I often feature, there was a subtle beauty and serenity that was captured in the shots that made them irresistible to me as a blogger! I often wonder where engagement shoots are heading in the future, as they have already come so far in terms of styling, sets and props. This next shoot is a perfect example of how role playing and creating a narrative is a definite push in the right direction.

Here is what Thao had to say about the shoot:

“I received a very odd request from Sean & Emma for their engagement shoot. They told me they didn’t want to smile and they wanted to look moody.
They watched the movie “In the Mood for Love” directed by Wong Kar Wai and they loved the sad, dramatic moody tension between the couple and they wanted to capture this on camera.

The movie itself is based on not having a having a love affair. It’s by far one of the most beautiful cinematic experiences I’ve ever had and there is so much chemistry and romantic tension between the couple though they never express how they feel. There is something dramatically beautiful about a love that cannot be expressed or conceived. We decided to do a modern take on the movie and explore the emotions that come with having (or almost having) an affair … anger, regret, sadness, shame, fear, loneliness. These emotions are the flip side of romantic love and often are the ones that are deeply rooted into our subconscious.

As a result the photo shoot turned out to be more like stills from a movie. My only regret is not capturing these scenes on video. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.”

UHM. I love them. Thanks so much to Thao again for sharing these images and also to photographer Darren Wong. Make sure to check out the Thaoski website for more inspiration.

Also included – a quick video of the stylist / art director herself explaining the inspiration behind the set.

The Inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s Photographic Love Story (engagement shoot) from thaoski on Vimeo.

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