Golden Hour Bristol Engagement Shoot – Steph & Joe

Following the slightly moody cinematic engagement shoot I featured earlier this week, I thought it was best to counteract the drama with a bit of serenity. I am beginning to understand what photographers mean by the “Golden Hour” after seeing this shoot by Albert Palmer. How beautiful is the light in these shots? I also love the creativity of the shadows photo, among other gorgeous photos framed by the beautiful Bristol countryside. Here is what Albert had to say about the day

“Steph and Joe’s pre-wedding shoot took place just outside of Bristol. They live on the other side of the country but are coming back to Bristol to get married close to where Joe grew up. In fact in the same church where he loyally attended Sunday school. Steph’s father is a minister and will be taking part in the ceremony so I’m sure there will be a lot of tears! The park we went to seemed to be a mecca for dog walkers, but it also turned out to be a beautiful surprise with gorgeous warm light and some pretty scenic woods. They both turned up looking impeccable and they kind of reminded me of the ‘models’ featured by the fashion photographer the Sartorialist. A bit random – but true!” I’m going to have to agree and say the two look effortlessly fabulous.

Make sure to check out Albert Palmer’s website for more details.

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