Luxurious Marrakech Palace Hotel Wedding – Huda & Valerio

So its been probably one of the most mental weeks of the year for me, lord knows why, but hence the later than usual daily posting. Apologies OMG followers, but it has been worth the wait, I’m sure, as this wedding is pretty gosh darn luxurious. If you’re like me and plan on going home to browse the wedding blogs with a glass of wine and probably some chocolate (*some being a flexible term) then this one will not disappoint. Thanks so much to Francesco Survara of Framelines Photography and wedding planner BoutiqueSouk for sharing these photos, they are divine.

A bit about the bride and groom… Huda is a Singaporean former model, and her husband Valerio works in the fashion business. Could they be a more beautiful couple? The two chose Marrakech for its romanticism and also for its fun party atmosphere where their Milanese fashion pack friends could let their haïr down. (Jealous yet?)

They chose Le Palais Rhoul, a converted family palace set in 10 acres of lush parkland, olive and palm groves for their wedding venue and had their reception around a colonnaded central circular pool surrounded by the hotel’s elegant suites. 12 luxury tents were secluded in the gardens, filled with eclectic pieces of art and antiques.

Huda enjoyed the company of stylists Dean and Dan Cato of D-Squared, close family friends, who had created bespoke bridesmaids gowns and towering shoes as a wedding gift to the couple as well as the groom’s and best Mans’ attire. (OMG!!!!) Italian celebrity hair dresser Mauro Situra styled the bride’s hair, while Boutique Souk’s Parisian Make-Up artist added the finishing touches. Huda’s dress was by Vera Wang accompanied by teetering Jimmy Choos.

Wedding planner Boutique Souk’s production team and decorators transformed the palace and its grounds for the ceremony and reception. Decorations included 6000 white Atlas Roses and assorted imported flowers including a bouquet of Calla Lillies for the bride. 1000 candles twinkled from lanterns, brasiero, candleabras and Moroccan teaglasses throughout the palace. The ceremony was held in the VIP park gardens with an Indian Pavillion and basin as a backdrop. A white ‘catwalk’ aisle was built between the bride’s tent and the ‘altar’ for her arrival accompanied by English fashion designer Neil Barrett, who acted as ‘Father of the Bride’. The bride and groom exchanged vows just before sunset and were showered by white rose petals as they walked down the aisle.

Guests enjoyed a champagne and canapé sunset reception in the gardens while Huda and Valerio were photographed poolside and in the stunning setting of the main palace stairwell. After sunset, guests were lead through treelined pathways lit by brasiero fires to discover their open-air dining room in the olive grove overlooking the palace and its pool.

After dinner, guests were invited to the poolside Pavillion D’Amour for the cutting of a traditional French Piece Monte Wedding Cake (Profiterole tower) with champagne toast.

A bit about the Wedding Planners:
Rosena and Fred Charmoy of Boutique Souk, an Irish and French couple who met and married whilst planning other people’s weddings and events in the intoxicatingly, exotic Marrakech.

Rosena said, “this was a great project for us, Huda and Valerio have a special energy as a couple and they wanted everything super elegant yet with pace and energy. Le Palais Rhoul is so multi-faceted we were able to continually reveal more surprises and areas to change the energy and tone of the evening.”

“With both the Bride and Groom working and travelling a lot with their careers in fashion we had limited time together to plan the event, however we very quickly connected and had a real sense of what they were looking for. With the palace garden in full bloom in June we kept all the décor simple with white candles, carpets, furnishings, lighting etc as all the colour was added by the blooms and the rich décor of the hotel.

Quote from Bride:
I have a lot of dreams and Ive always dreamt of a magical wedding, now I believe some dreams do come true… Boutique Souk and our friends , Dean and Dan from d2, Neil Barrett, had helped us in achieving the best wedding anyone can ever dreamt of.. it was truly magical… We had all our best friends together to celebrate in the most wonderful place in Marrakech, with its charm, Palais Rhoul delivers the magical vibe not many places can achieve.. Rosena from Boutique Souk has been a great wedding planner who helped us in many ways, professionally and emotionally, I was a wreck hours before my wedding, and she was very cool and calm and helped me to feel as calm as I can in the midst of all the chaos..!!!

Anyone else massively bowled over with amazingness? Make sure to check out Framelines Photography’s website as well as the Boutique Souk website for more details.

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