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Following a relatively lengthy intro to the fabulous Mary Lee Herrington of Forever and Ever Events last week, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Thanks again to Mary for taking the time to write this article for me and I hope all OMG readers find it helpful! Make sure of course to check out Mary’s website and blog for more.

Hello OMG Brides! I’m back for the second installment of “OMG Asks: Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?”

Last week, I discussed the benefits of hiring a planner for your wedding, especially if you and your fiancé both have very busy jobs and schedules. I also discussed why having a day-of coordinator is so beneficial, after all the months of work you put into planning your wedding. Here are some more frequently asked questions that I’ve seen from UK brides.

This is a great reason to hire a wedding planner. Even if you live 100 miles outside your venue, travelling to and from will add up, not to mention take up a lot of your time (and remember, many vendors are not open at the weekend when you’re off work). Especially if you are planning a destination wedding in another country and time zone, it will make life so much easier for you to have a wedding planner on the ground in that location who knows the local vendors and act on your behalf at meetings and site visits. Your wedding planner is like a wedding assistant – she/he is there on the ground, ready to act on your behalf.

You probably have a lot of specifications for the perfect venue and feel time pressured – your wedding planner can do the search for you and provide a detailed report with a shortlist of venues that suit your needs. Most planners will provide photos of the spaces and also see you through the booking process, after which you can continue planning your wedding around the venue with relief.

If you already have a wedding planner, she or he will definitely help you find a perfect dress. She may have a relationship with bridal shops and be able to get the shop to waive the appointment fee (most shops in London do charge a small fee for appointments), and she’ll certainly set up all the appointments and alterations for you. I’ve had clients ask for help in finding a dress, as they have a very specific vision for the dress and/or don’t have bridesmaids or their mother in town to help give a second opinion.

Many wedding planners will do discreet services like provide a supplier list that fits your wedding budget, style and specific needs. This list will save you loads of time scouring the internet and asking around for referrals. Rest assured that these suppliers (or vendors, same name) are trusted and have a track record in supplying a great service.

OMG, absolutely! There are event designers and there are wedding planners, and some actually do both. Event design refers to all elements of the design and décor – so, they will plan everything for you from working with florists, lighting companies, to stationery, to bunting and garlands to linens and furniture, but they won’t help plan anything outside event design (e.g., venue hire, coordination of the rehearsal, musicians). Many of these beautifully crafted DIY weddings are amazing and inspiring, but what many brides don’t realize is that the DIY-bride may have been a graphic designer or set designer, or just have a background in arts & crafts, so every DIY project came naturally. DIY projects can take months and months of sourcing materials and then comes the construction… believe me, all those garlands and bunting and sewing take a lot of time! (and if you’re not very arts-and-craftsy, well, there is a risk your DIY project might not end up looking quite like Martha Stewart’s). This is where a wedding planner or an event designer can help.

Savor each moment of your wedding, including the planning. Enjoy your time as an engaged couple. Focus on your life, your job and the fun things (like picking out your dress and shoes!). No matter if you’re in the US, UK or some remote island, whether or not you consider a wedding planner is, of course, dictated by your circumstances – limited time, geographical distance, overall stress and pressure of it all – these are, in my view, the most compelling reasons. You have enough going on in your own life, no??? Planning your wedding should be a celebration unto itself, not a mad rush.

And that’s the real value that a wedding planner brings, not just the savings that they pass on to you from their professional relationships.

If any OMG brides-to-be have any other questions about wedding planners, feel free to email me at or visit the Forever & Ever website

Happy planning!

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