OMG I’m in a Magazine!

I’m interrupting today’s posts briefly to share a super exciting moment! A few months ago, the fabulous Catherine Westwood, editor of Wedding Magazine, contacted me for my details regarding a mention she might include in her editor’s page. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement. Its a strange thing, blogs and magazines. I am absolutely 100% obsessed with wedding blogs and devour them every morning with coffee and cereal before work, but I also ADORE going to the store to buy my latest selection of wedding magazines, because, after all, I am a bride, and I must have all of them.

I’m going to be honest and say this is such an exciting moment for me and the blog so thank you so so much to Catherine, Wedding Magazine and also for all the support of my current and previous sponsors and readers! Also a big thank you to Christine Meintjes for the photo!

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