Southsea Shabby Chic Pier Engagement Shoot – Hana & Liam

Carrying on with yesterday’s theme of blogging the amazing people I am so lucky to know personally, allow me to introduce the super cute couple, Hana and Liam! Hana and I got engaged around the same time last year and have been sharing tweets back and forth about various wedding related things. (as you do) I remember early on saying how much I wanted to do an engagement shoot, but that I was worried my H2B would not be up for it. She agreed and we both sort seemed resigned to the fact that it might not happen. Funnily enough, as soon as I posted our engagement shoot a few weeks ago, we go back in touch and after enlisting some 007 type moves, I discovered Hana and Liam had done a shoot as well and here it is! Isn’t it amazing?! I absolutely love the colours and the different backgrounds in all the shots and I think it provides a perfect backdrop for a shoot with someone as super and friendly as Hana.

Hana has probably seen me in some of my most awkward moments, professionally, as I worked with her at one of my first ever freelance positions. I was so new to the industry and Hana didn’t even bat an eyelash, she was so lovely and cool and fabulous, I am just so pleased to be able to feature her AWESOME engagement photos! Thanks so so much to Simon J Coulson for sharing the photos and also to Hana and Liam!

So why the English seaside? Well, Hana was born in Southsea, and both she and Liam love going to arcades and the beach together. Also the location was quite near to their their wedding venue, so it was pretty much perfect.

Of course make sure to check out Simon’s website and blog for more info and congrats to the happy couple!

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