Three by the Quill Pen Wedding Stationery

I always marvel at the amount of creative talent that exists in the wedding industry and how so many people have such varied backgrounds. I’m a firm believer that a varied and unique skill set will always amount to a more diverse and unique output, be it stationery, websites, events, weddings or ads. Weddings are such a unique product as they encompass so many different types of creativity and require a lot of expertise in loads of areas. Enter the multidisciplinary creative studio Three by the Quill Pen and it seems you could have quite a few wedding worries solved! Built on the foundation of graphic design, photography and custom signs / furniture hire, this unique company covers what would seem to be the “Big 3” in terms of aesthetics for your big day. And they do it well. Today, I’m more than pleased to share with you the stationery side of things, and stay tuned for even more things to come!

Make sure to check out the Three by the Quill Pen website for more info and inspiration.

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