Traditional Snowy Russian Chukotka Engagement Shoot – Alik & Olya

Its been a while since I’ve featured one of my favourite photographer duos – Sasha and Ross of You+We Photography. Today’s engagement shoot, is pretty much the most amazing and unique shoot I think I’ve seen in ages. The colours are amazing, the scenery is killer and the couple seem super cool.

Shot by Sasha, here is what he had to say “I would never imagine that one day I will photograph engagement session literally on the end of the earth. Yet, a week ago I came back from Pevek – northest city in Russia where I photographed engagement of my two good friend – Alik and Olya. I met Alik in Fresno, CA where we went to the same school, and Olya is a good friend of mine back from Moldova. Both of them decided to move to North for a long-term mission serving people of Chukotka. Olya and Alik decided to make their engagement very special, so they dressed in national Chukotka clothes.”

OMG. How amazing is this? I’m a bit lost for words, but the nod to Alik and Olya’s daily lives and the Chukotka people is unreal. Not only is it so great to make the shoot a personal reflection of their lives, but also – don’t they look fabulous?! Don’t you kind of what some of that fashion? I do. Thanks so much to Sasha and Ross for sharing such great photography, make sure to check out their website for more amazingness.

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