Wistfully Beautiful Engagement Shoot and a Mysterious Narrative – Sean & Emma

Today I have a rather sombre but extraordinarily beautiful engagement shoot to share with you, styled by the lovely Thao Dang of Thaoski, whom I’m sure you will remember from the last shoot she had featured on the blog. The bride and groom, Sean and Emma, decided to go for something a bit more emotional and dramatic as they didn’t want to do the same sort of thing they’d seen everyone else do and they didn’t want to smile. Now you might think that sounds a bit wierd, as engagement shoots are about being excited that you’re getting married, and having a good time, and getting comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, but the result is absolutely stunning and extremely touching.

Thao says “The reason why I really love this shoot so much is because each time I show it to someone, they feel compelled to start interpreting what the photos mean. They start making up their own story about what’s going on between the couple. Literally I’ve had people walk me through their thoughts. They would say stuff like … “Oh wow they’re so in love … but for some reason they can’t be together … so they’re having a secret date … and he’s heart broken because she has to leave … and she’s leaving because … ”

And its totally true. Photoshoots are all about capturing a narrative, and this one definitely does the trick. Its so wistfully beautiful and full of emotion, I absolutely love it. Thanks so much to both Thao and Darren Wong for sharing these photos and hope you enjoy!

Location: London
Photographer: Darren Wong
Creative Director / Concept & Design: Thao Dang (thaoski)

Make sure to check out Thao’s website for more info.

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