A Beautiful Country Barn Easter Inspired Shoot

So I get pretty excited whenever I hear from art director and stylist Thao Dang of Thaoski. I’ve featured loads of her work on OMG already and literally jump up and down in my seat (no joke) each time she gets in touch with a new project she’s been working on. Thao has such a talent for storytelling, I just love the way she works creatively, and how effortlessly beautiful her photos come out. She is definitely someone who is pushing the boundaries in the wedding industry and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

This shoot is no different, and it comes along with a nice little story too – basically in short, Thao had a shoot set up for last weekend and the couple cancelled last minute. BOO. So instead of cancelling her photographer, Thao set herself a “Spontaneous Springtime Challenge” which meant finding a couple, grabbing a car, driving around the countryside and shooting in as many locations as she could in one day. The intention was to improvise with whatever she found on location and to try and use the dilemma in a positive way to increase her skills. How awesome is that? So, at 630 pm last Friday, Thao tweeted she was looking for a willing couple to take part and pitched to her photographer the idea. I retweeted for her, as did loads of other people, and by 800 pm she was sorted. Oh the joys of social media.

And the joys of gorgeous styling, art direction and photographer! Styled by Madame Moi and photographed by Darren Wong, this awesome shoot is a beautiful way to start your Easter weekend. Thanks so much to Thao for sharing it with OMG and make sure to check out her website for the photos and more in depth about her spontaneous challenge!



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