A Romantic Beginning and a Sandhurst Wedding – Stuart & Steph

I have a gorgeous military inspired wedding to share with you this evening. How much are you loving the uniforms ladies? Stuart and Steph’s big day was photographed by fabulous Janda Photography earlier this year and held at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Steph wore a Sassi Holford dress, while her bridesmaids were decked out in Coast, all carrying flowers by Nicci G’s in Blackwater. The wedding reception was held in the classically styled Officers’ Mess at Minley Manor. The wedding is no doubt absolutely gorgeous, but its uber-romantic-old-school-love-story background to how these two met that has me swooning.

Here is what Steph had to say… “We were introduced via friends and linked up on facebook, we then started exchanging emails and I wondered why he was always emailing at random times 4am, 6pm, 11am, there seemed to be no pattern. We got around to “chatting” about what we did for a living respectively and it turned out that Stu was in the Army and at that time based in Afghanistan. We were getting on incredibly well and had a couple of chats via Sat phone (which with the delay was interesting for a 1st conversation) and then arranged to meet up when he was back on R&R. In the meantime we exchanged countless emails as often as possible, sometimes 5 a day, then there would be a gap of a few days when he was “busy”. One morning I opened up my laptop excitedly and found an email waiting which started… “well plans have changed. My crew and I were blown up last night…” and ended “but I’ll be in Selly Oak tomorrow so I might get to see you a bit earlier than planned.” Two weeks later I picked Stu up when he was discharged from Selly Oak and we went on our first date.

OMG how romantic is that?

“A month later after time at Headley Court, Stu went back out to Afghan to finish his tour and on return was back for a week and then flew out to Everest on a pre-planned “once in a lifetime trip”. Whilst in a tent on the side of a mountain he designed my engagement ring (brave move considering I have a degree in Jewellery Design!) A month after he got back he asked me to marry him!”

Does anyone else have goosebumps? What a perfect love story with an even more perfect ending. Thanks so much to Janda Photography and to the lovely couple for sharing these and congrats on a gorgeous day! Make sure to check out Janda’s website for more info.


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