Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot in Photo Pro!

So I didn’t think being a part of the Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot could have gotten any better, but alas, I had forgotten about the power of the pink haired lady. Kat Williams, aka the RocknRoll Bride, writes for Photo Pro Magazine and this month’s article is a super insightful tale about blogging for business and collaboration. If anyone knows how to market herself successfully, it is Kat. She’s awesome, has an awesome brand, has awesome readers, followers and works with awesome people. Awesome.

The article is massively insightful and points out the fact that collaborating and working with people who might be considered your direct competition can be beneficial in many ways. Plus its way more fun to have loads of friends instead of enemies!

Kate says “My idea was simple – to harness the influence of blogging by involving other wedding bloggers in the shoot. I have since discovered that working with people you might consider a traditional ‘rival’ can actually be a very powerful thing.” Agreed. I’ve said all along that the industry has been so friendly and welcoming to me as a new blogger (almost 1 year old!) and I appreciate it immensely.

Make sure to grab your copy of the magazine for more indepth details and of course check out the other lovely bloggers involved.


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