Pronovias Cocktail Collection – Gorgeous Bridesmaids and Guests Options!

As I mentioned earlier this week I am on a bridesmaid dress mission and have been literally scouring the entire internet world for fabulous dresses for my fabulous ladies. I’ve got lists, bookmarks, colour coded matrixes, you name it. I want my girls to look and feel AWESOME. The wedding gods must be watching after me at the moment as what do I find in my inbox but a gorgeous selection of photos from the Pronovias 2012 cocktail collection! Hurray! Here is a bit about the new dresses and the inspiration that went into their beautiful designs:

“Femininity and nature are the two main concepts in the new Pronovias cocktail collection. Skirts take on a movement all their own for the spring season with waves, pleats and frills that mimic the fresh fluttering of petals in the breeze. Details created to the millimetre thanks to laser-cut, an accurate cutting technique and a new method that makes for a sublime finish. The curves of the gowns are released to create flowing, organic, natural shapes.

Gemstone embroidery, satin belts and draped necklines add the finishing touches to a softer line, featuring silk, bambula organza and soft satin dominated by powdery shades like lavender, pale pink, toffee, lemon and watergreen. However, the romantic spirit knows no bounds, tinting floral prints with emerald green or melting into a flowing ‘skort’ in honour of the nineteen-seventies.

There is no lack of evening gowns for distinguished society events this season. Noble fabrics such as soft tulle, double knit and satin create brilliant, structured models, which can be restrained, straight cut and impeccable or offer majestic volume through original pleats… Two ideal options for a gala event. Colours like klein blue, cherry, chocolate brown or genuine black that highlights the classic beauty of these designs.

Lastly, Pronovias has also thought about its younger customers. So they feel comfortable, beautiful and elegant, mini-dresses with paillete sequins and gemstone embroidery. As irresistible and carefree as they are beautiful and perfect for every formal occasion. On black, silver or pearl, all eyes are on the gemstone appliqué.  Some of the most stunning details are found on the back, seductive touches that highlight the curves of those who wear them.”

Make sure to check out the rest of the collection on the Pronovias website.


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