Sweetapolita – Confection Obsession!

Fancy something sweet for a sunny Monday morning? HOW ABOUT THESE AMAZING CAKES by Sweetapolita?! I discovered these amazing creations Friday afternoon, dreamt about them all weekend and and could not wait to put this post together. Thanks so much to Rosie for sharing these images. I not only love the graphic and modern nature of the cakes but adore the gorgeous photography and documentation for each piece. Better yet, you can see all the steps that go into making these fabulous sweets on her blog whilst sneaking a peak at her super cute “cakelette” kiddies! Hows that for a start to your week? Have you ever seen an asparagus cake that looks THIS good? Or ever?

Rosie says “I’m addicted to cake. Well, just about anything pretty and baked. Heck, even anything pretty, or, well, come to think of it, anything baked. I’m passionate about the art of baking, cake & confection design, photography (although I’m still relatively new), all things vintage, cake pedestals, good coffee (often), and just about anything frilly or French. Since my first job at a German bakery when I was 16, I realized I have a (possibly unnatural) fixation with cakes and baked goods.” I completely understand. Based in Canada, this cake baking queen is definitely been the highlight of my day. (ps Rosie also has a cat!)

Make sure to check out the Sweetapolita website and blog for more info and “How to” steps to making your own cakes!

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