Sydney Aquarium Engagement Shoot – Lin-Yi & Daniel

This evening I have a super cool “under the sea” engagement shoot from UK based photographer, Janis Ratnieks which was shot at the Sydney Aquarium – who else is jealous???ย Here is what he had to say about the day:

“I travel the world to shoot weddings, this time I went to Sydney, Australia to shoot the wedding of Lin-Yi and Daniel – it all started with an engagement shoot the week before the wedding – the couple chose to shoot in the Rocks, so that’s what we did – as the day was soo hot and the sun was very harsh we chose to go to the Sydney aquarium and take some shots together with the fish ๐Ÿ™‚ That was even harder, as the space was limited and the place was full of tourists, but the light was AMAZING so totally worth it!” Uhm was it ever. How cool are these photos? I always think that backgrounds and environments are so important when it comes to organising your engagement shoot (along with outfit of course!) and these are just awesome. I love the silhouette shots and the colours of the fish and coral make it such a unique shoot.

Thanks so much to Janis Ratnieks for sharing these photos and make sure to check out his website and blog for more info.

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