A Super Cool Rockstar Music Madness Wedding – Charlotte & Chris

O.M.G. I have been waiting to tell you about this wedding for quite some time now. I can honestly say it was one of the best weddings I have ever been to and I am so honored to have been a guest. Allow me to introduce the STUNNING bride Charlotte White of Restoration Cake and equally awesome (and very lucky I might add) groom Christ White!

I first met Charlotte when OMG was about a month old and we chatted on twitter a few times about her delicious cakes. She agreed to do an interview and tasting for the blog and I literally could not have met a sweeter or more talented lady. Ever since we have worked on projects together and I love her to pieces!!!! Anyway, although there are loads of amazing things to tell you about Charlotte, today we shall talk about her absolutely beautiful wedding.

So where to begin. You have probably already seen these lovebirds over on Rockn’Roll Bride earlier this week, but there is seriously so much to say and share about the day, I am going to start from the beginning. J and I were invited to the reception at Bush Hall which is an awesome venue btw. (I actually remember Charlotte telling me when they booked it and I can confirm it was in fact PERFECT for their day) I had never been before so we got there a bit earlier to make sure we had enough time to find it and then waited anxiously for the newlyweds to come via their OMG INSANELY AWESOME white cadillac. I was so excited I could barely control myself. We saw them coming from a distance as you don’t really see white cadillacs that often! Chris and Charlotte looked amazing and so happy driving past the venue, the entire crowd of people waiting outside for them cheered and waited for them to park and get out. I swear they looked like celebrities. I felt like a fan waiting outside a concert venue.

It was only at this moment that I got to take in the fabulous vintage vision of Mrs. Charlotte White. OMG. She looked insane. Wearing the cutest (and hottest I might add) short white dress from Viven of Holloway with a bright red petticoat underneath and a massive bright red bow on the back, she looked so amazing I could hardly stand it. She also wore some killer Christian Louboutin shoes and a beautiful bright red hairpiece and birdcage veil from Fur Coat No Knickers. I honestly can’t describe my feelings of excitement for both Chris and Charlotte as not only did they look like a million bucks, but they oozed happiness. That sounds super cheesy but seriously, I cannot imagine a happier couple and more lovely family and friends who were in turn super happy as well! I was jumping up and down like an idiot but I couldn’t control myself. Weddings tend to do that to me.

So anyway, once the bride and groom had arrived we all went inside the venue which had been transformed into a gorgeous red, black and white reception space, with loads of lighting and candlesticks, and, above all, a super cool stage from which loads of bands would perform later on. Also on display was the delicious and crazy beautiful black, white and red cake that Charlotte made for all of her guests with big satin bows between the tier and gorgeous red roses all around it.

If you know Charlotte and Chris, you will know they are into music big time, both socially and professionally, and they hand picked some artists to entertain us all throughout the night. The atmosphere in the room was great, and lighting and decor really added to the whole rockstar, music gig type feel. Having met at a gig for the first time, it was so “THEM” to have their wedding represent their love for music, I really can’t imagine how they might have made the night better. Throughout the night we were treated to tunes by Jo Quail,  Evi Vine, The Mark Gamble Band and finally a burlesque performance by Vicky Butterfly. Charlotte said “Music had to be a central part of our day. We decided that a DJ would not allow us the control that we wanted over the music so we spent the 5 months leading up to the Wedding working on a killer playlist. The playlist was even divided into sections to fit around our 4 performers of the evening. We even arranged a separate playlist to be played 15mins before the venue was due to close, so that we could ensure that Lovecats by The Cure and God Gave Rock n Roll To You by KISS were our final songs of the night.” This was one organised bride and groom! Awesome right? It gets better.

The Mark Gamble Band, is actually the name of Charlotte’s father’s band. They were SO good. I always have soft spots for Dads at weddings as it probably a very emotional time for them (and for everyone of course) to see their daughter get married and start a life with her new husband. I know Charlotte’s dad was so excited for her, but it must have meant so so much to have him play at the wedding. Charlotte said: “People were probably a bit sceptical about the Father of the bride’s band performing but he really was outstanding. The setlist was classic rock and blues. Loads of guests danced. Dad was even joined on stage by his sister, my auntie Angela, who he used to be in a band with when they were teenagers! As a part of Dad’s set, he played my favourite song from my childhood… Postman Pat, with the latter verses rewritten especially along the lines of ‘Mr. White has a brand new wife’. He also read out messages from all of our favourite rock stars, with their best wishes and apologies for not being there.”

Talk about adding personal touches to your wedding! Charlotte and Chris absolutely nailed it. The whole evening felt so so special and I was truly honored to have been a part of it.

So the last bit of the evening that I’d like to tell you about before I get all soppy about my love for the bride and groom, is that the last few songs of the Mark Gamble Band’s set, were SUNG BY CHARLOTTE OMG. I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw her get up on stage in her amazing dress and super cools shoes, grab the red guitar with hello leopard print strap and step up to the mic. Now I am going to be honest and say I was a bit nervous. I had NO IDEA Charlotte was ALSO a rockstar and could sing her little heart out. Boy was I surprised. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Charlotte performed up on stage in front of everyone with Chris front and center on the dance floor. She said “I got up on stage with Dad and we sang Crossroads together. It meant the world to me to perform with my Dad. I also play bass guitar so I played the next two tracks – I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders, which perfectly expresses everything that I would have said in my bride’s speech were I more eloquent, and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, which I performed in a raw rock style.”

“I don’t get stage fright but I found it much easier to relax if I just focused on Chris. After all, I was singing to him and seeing him smiling at me let me know that the show was going OK! Lots of my friends have not known me as a musician – as I left my last band around 5 years ago – so lots of people were quite shocked. Chris knew that I was going to do the Gaga track but the other two songs were a surprise for him too.”

YES. CHARLOTTE SANG LADY GAGA. HOLEY MOLEY SHE WAS AWESOME. I remember looking at J and saying “OMG we are not even close to this cool. What are we going to do?!?!” He was just as starstruck as I was. I still remember seeing Chris’s face when Charlotte was singing to him and words really cannot describe how happy, proud and in love he looked.

Anyway, I have gushed and oozed enough for one day I suppose. There are so many other things I would love to share with you like the super romantic Paris proposal Chris planned or the funky cool goth priest who gave a blessing at the reception, but I would then have you hear for days on end.  Thank you so so much to Chris and Charlotte for inviting me to their big day and for sharing such an intimate and personal day. Congratulations to the both of you, YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! For even more photos, make sure to check out Kat’s post over on Rockn’Roll Bride and enjoy!


Credits for all of Charlotte and Chris’s awesomeness:
Dress: Vivien of Holloway www.vivienofholloway.com (customised by Jacqueline Kay Designs, St Neots, CAMBS 01480 471687)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hair: Kevin Lewis of Zero Zero Hairdressing www.zerozerohair.co.uk
Birdcage Veil: Fur Coat No Knickers
Make Up: Suki Miles www.sukimiles.co.uk
Bouquets and Cake Topper: Richard Tobin at Hole in the Wall Florist 0208 813 7771
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Groom’s Retro Collared Shirt: Adam of London www.adamoflondon.com
Groom’s Shoes: Ask The Missus at Office
Groom’s Pin-Badge, Cufflinks, and Bride’s Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Photobooth: Pictureblast www.pictureblast.co.uk
Cake: Restoration Cake www.restorationcake.co.uk
Candelabras: Bucks Candelabra www.buckscandelabrahire.co.uk
Ceremony Venue: Ealing Town Hall
Celebration Venue: Bush Hall www.bushhallmusic.co.uk
Bands: Jo Quail www.joannaquail.co.uk
Evi Vine www.evivine.com
The Mark Gamble Band http://markgambleband.webs.com
Burlesque: Vicky Butterfly www.vickybutterfly.net/Site/Home.html
Filmed by: Mark Lenik of Lenik Media www.lenikweddingfilms.com

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