Classic Green and White Engagement Shoot – Simon & Rose

OMG I LOVE THIS SHOOT! The minute I saw the yummy graphic tree shapes in the very first photo, I gave out a little sigh of wedding happiness and manically emailed Jordan and Ines of Source Images in excitement. I normally like to go towards the “over the top” end of the spectrum when it comes to fashion, accessories, props, you name it – I want it in the shoot. But for some reason I am really loving simplicity these days and this shoot hits the nail on the head. I love the classic, laid back styling and the romantic single white rose as well as the OMG amazing invitation! You can totally tell how much this couple loves each other and I love how their little romantic moments were captured on camera. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Thanks so much to Jordan and Ines for sharing these photos and make sure to check out the Source Images website and blog for more details.

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