OMG Sponsor – Eva Slade Letterpress Stationery

One of the main reasons behind starting a blog, aside from being obsessed with weddings and being engaged myself, was to explore the avenue of online design and publishing. I work as an interactive designer during the day and love every minute of it, which is why, I’m sure, I LOVE wedding stationery. It honestly gives me the chills each and every time I see something great. Since stationery is such a big part of getting your guests excited about your day and expressing who you are as a couple, it’s uber important you find a designer or company that get’s your style and personality.

With this in mind, I am so so pleased to introduce new OMG sponsor and graphic designer Eva Slade! I absolutely love the bright colours and bold shapes Eva uses and think her stuff is the bee’s knees. Eva has a great eye for detail and uses only the best paper for her designs which enables the beauty of the letterpress style to shine through. LOVE HER and her typographic greatness.

Make sure to check out the Eva Slade website for more details and have a good one!

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