Contemporary Styled Bridal Shoot with Pink & Purple Flowers

I am super pleased to share the very first of hopefully many shoots to come from Anna Au of Ausnippets Photography! Anna is a London based freelance photographer who has tasked herself with a Spring Collection challenge which will include a series of photoshoots taken over the next few months. Anna says “light is my best friend and since I have been waiting endlessly for the sun to shine I want to take every possibly to shoot, to improve my photography and my style.  It will be where I can experiment, play with different type of lenses and most of all take the photos that I have been dreaming up in my head. This series will be a representation of me, my style, the way I view love, the way I see love and the way I capture love.” Awesome. As my blog started as a mini self initiated / personal project, I am such a firm believer in doing things outside your day to day activities to expand your skills. You never know what you might come up with!

So this first shoot is all about capturing whimsical moments of spring and creating a more editorial look for the modern bride. Styled by Anna, the dress was actually the model’s put together with a lace top from H&M for a softer touch. The hair piece was a left over section of her wedding dress which she asked to keep from the seamstress and the veil is from Pronovias. Makeup by Tammi Nguyen.

Make sure to check out the Ausnippets website and blog for more info and enjoy!

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