OMG Sponsor – ARJ Photography

Today I am pleased to extend a big OMG welcome to fabulous Machester and Chesire based wedding photographer Adam Johnson! With a relaxed and laid back approach, Adam offers a timeless and natural finish to his photos that will make sure your memories don’t feel dated 5 or 10 years down the line. He is a family man and although he remains in the background for most of the day, capturing weddings without interfering, he also prides himself in creating beautiful portraits. He says “every moment and detail of your special wedding day will be covered – from the nerves and fun of the morning preparations (this is OMG my favourite part!) through to the joy and merriment of the evening reception and first dance. No limits on coverage hours or photos taken.”

Although we have not met in person, Adam seems like a totally cool guy, claiming the days of the “fuddy-duddy wedding photographer” are long gone. I’ll second that!

Make sure to check out the ARJ Photography website and blog for more details!

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