Simply Sweet Outdoor Engagement Shoot – Karun & Lizzie

So, I’m hoping and praying for a beautiful weekend as I am off to Bath to run loads of fabulous wedding errands with my H2B and MOH. In an effort to trick the weather gods, I thought I’d post this beautiful outdoor engagement shoot by Tom Redman! Do we think it’s going to work?

A bit about the bride and groom… Karun and Lizzie are actually having a double wedding next month. One in the New Forest, Hampshire which is a traditional English wedding and then a Hindu wedding 10 days later in London. Awesome.

Based in the UK, the couple chose to have their engagement shoot in the beautiful town of Beaulieu in the New Forest. Tom says “I had found the field earlier in the day with the beautiful wild flowers. Having planned the shoot for the later afternoon the light was fantastic for these shoots. We then moved onto the coast. Lizzi has always grown up by the water and ideally wanted some shots to reflect this. They are a great couple and I can’t wait to photograph both of their weddings next month – very special!” How exciting! Can’t wait to see the contrast between the two, I’m sure they will both be stunning.

Thanks so much to Tom Redman for sharing these photos, make sure to check out his website and blog for more details.



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