Beautiful Mexico Destination Wedding – Talia & Craig

OMGGGGG I have been waiting to share these photos with you for. like. EVER. You might remember the uber cute Lower East Side New York Engagement Shoot I featured a while back of my friends Talia and Craig and today I get feature their unbelievably romantic and gorgeous destination wedding in Mexico! I AM SO LUCKY! A quick background, Talia’s little sister Alexa is one of my best friends in the entire universe and her family is absolutely incredible. They are some of the nicest most amazing people ever and I love them to pieces. There was a brief mention of my love for the Camarena’s in my earlier post so I will try to keep my gushing to a minimum. I will, however, say that whatever Team Camarena sets out to do (and I’ve experienced their magic in so many university apartments that I shared with Alexa) they are one organised, multitasking, awe-inspiring machine. This wedding, of course, is no exception!

I’m not exactly sure where to start on how much I love this wedding from the super cute “getting ready” photos which are always a favourite of mine, to the beautiful closeups of the ceremony which pretty much give me goosebumps and make me feel mushy. Let’s not forget the stunning private villa Talia and Craig chose and the beautiful decor coordinated by Lilian Ojed. Can we also please just talk about how absolutely incredible Talia looks with her gorgeous veil and super chic reception hairstyle change? Love. Everything.

Thanks so much to both Talia and Craig for sharing and also to their photographer Soko Sandoval.

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