Checkered Shirt Engagement Shoot – Mike & Dan

I have a super cute, carefree engagement shoot for you this afternoon shot by the lovely Lisa Carpenter. If you’re a fan of bright red heart balloons and checked shirts like I am, you’re in for a treat. See below for Dan and Mike’s story and keep your eyes peeled for their wedding which is coming up soon!

Here is what Dan had to say: “I met Mike in a local nightclub, enjoying drinks with my friends, Mike persisted to follow me around the club interrupting my conversations and trying to introduce himself. He was actually really annoying me and I told him off and said I was busy.

As luck would have it the next time I saw him that night was when I turned around and he was taking the mickey out of me pulling faces behind me. It certainly wasn’t the best start 🙂

A bit later after a few beers and finding out a few more details on this annoying guy I decided to go and have a bit of fun myself winding him up. Somehow I ended up being charmed and agreeing to go for dinner. We met at the Malmaison a day or so afterwards and after 10 minutes with Mike I knew he was a keeper!! 3 1/2 years later I’m about to get married and I’m the luckiest guy alive.

It was very important to me and Mike, that we found a photographer that suited our style and would appreciate our quirks. We are a lively and outgoing couple, always up for a laugh and never sat still so we needed a photographer with energy and a good sense of humour. Lisa has been this since the first time we met her.

Lisa has been in contact with us and met us since our initial booking and has gotten to know us as a couple, identified how best to work with us and given us great advice. Our engagement photo shoot took place on the Birmingham canals in the city centre. It’s one of my favourite areas and Lisa picked some great locations. I can be quite shy but we had so much fun I forgot all the other people milling around and we took tonnes of pictures.

We are so pleased with the result, Lisa has managed to produce some really quirky and imaginative pictures that reflect our personality and don’t just stick to the standard format of pretty background and static poses. During the shoot we ran up bridges, posed in tunnels, hugged statues and even had the pleasure of being escorted out of Giorgio Armarni for posing with the mannequins.

I am very excited to see what Lisa has in store for us at the wedding, so far we couldn’t have asked for anything more. I know my family will be delighted with the pictures and they will no doubt make me and Mike smile looking back at our wedding day.

And a side not from Mike: I’m really looking forward it. It’ll be great having all my military mates there too. Dan is not just marrying into my natural family but also to the MERCIAN family who are all really excited to have him.

Make sure to check out Lisa Carpenter’s website for more info and have a good weekend!

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