OMG! Fabulous Art Director Thaoski’s New Engagement Shoot Book!

OMG. One of my favourite people in the wedding universe has to be the fabulous art director and master storyteller Thao Dang (also know as Thaoski) I have featured numerous shoots directed by her already on the blog and wish I had only met her sooner so that I could have learned all these great tips about how to be creative and intelligent about engagement shoots.

So why am I so excited? In short, Thao has written and produced an amazing and beautifully designed book with every single tip known to man on how to get the best out of your engagement shoot and how to incorporate the art of storytelling to enhance your photos. I am pretty much obsessed with all of her work and if by any chance you’ve not seen it on OMG or the other fabulous wedding blogs, you are in for a treat! Here is what Thao had to say about the book –

The inspiration behind the booklet
As you know, engagement photography is big in Asia, Australia and the US but the concept is relatively new here in the UK and Europe (except for those in the wedding industry).

Many couples perceive engagement photos as cheesy and they think the sole purpose of an engagement shoot is to prepare the photographer for the wedding day. What they don’t realise is that a creative engagement shoot is gorgeously fun way to capture the essence of their relationship during this romantic and beautiful transitionary stage of their life.

The purpose of the booklet
To help bring more awareness about engagement photography to the industry; I will be creating a series of information products / booklets about engagement photography.

All the booklets and products will encourage couples to do an engagement shoot that is unique and right for them rather than following fads and trends. The booklets will also encourage industry professionals to work and collaborate together and I will shine a light on the value of their expertise.

My Vision
I truly believe that that together we can push the creative boundaries of engagement photography in the UK. My vision is that within 2-3 years, professionals in the UK are recognised globally for their talent and creativity in engagement photography. 

On top of all this awesomeness, Thao is giving away a free engagement shoot on her blog so GO THERE IMMEDIATELY for more details. She is awesome.

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