Simply Sweet Bright Coloured Outdoor Styled Shoot – Heline Bekker

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good week so far. Today I’m pleased to be featuring an outdoor styled shoot shot by the fabulous Heline Bekker, whom I met at the Christine Meintjes Funshop last year and then saw again just recently at the British Journal of Photography’s Unveiled event. She is fab. One of the things I spoke about at the even was the emergence of collaborations in the wedding industry and how great it is, but also how expensive and over the top it can become. This is a perfect example of a super cute shoot that kept it simple and resulted in some beautiful photos. Not only was it shot in a friend’s back yard, but the beautiful handmade dress was only £8 from a charity shop!

Thanks so much to Heline Bekker for sharing these and make sure to check out her blog and website for more details!

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