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One of the most amazing things about modern day technology is that there are so many ways to share information. People share the tiniest parts of their everyday lives through Twitter in the most public and casual way without even thinking twice. There are Twitpics, Facebook albums, Picasa albums, email chains, Google docs and so much more, it sometimes feels a bit overwhelming.

When my best friend got married last year, we could not WAIT to see the photos, however, as we all know, professional photography takes time, which is totally worth it, but if you are as impatient as I am, you want to see ANY photos as soon as possible. One thing my good friend Charlotte of Restoration Cake said, was that pretty much the minute after you’re married, someone has posted a photo somewhere to share with everyone else. It could be on Facebook or Twitter or through an email, but its great because you can relive the day through other people’s eyes and see what they saw.

It’s always amazing to see everyone else’s take on an evening, what they did, and how they saw the whole night unfold. This brings me to the star of today’s feature – Wedding Tales. What these guys do is provide a platform for everyone to submit their photos to, so that all the tiny moments captured by your friends and family are collected in a single place making it so much easier to relive your big day through everyone else’s experiences. Make sure to have a read below and check out their site for more details, these guys are definitely on to something!

Wedding Tales photo sharing demo from Wedding Tales on Vimeo.

James and I built Wedding Tales because – between us – we went to ten weddings in 2010, and after pretty much every one somebody got in touch and asked how they could use the internet to gather in all of their guests’ pictures (we’re both geeks and proud). We couldn’t find a perfect way to do it, so we built one!

All your friends and family can log in to your private and secure area (which has its own address) with a password you set.

They can then upload all of their photos and browse through those already submitted. We also build an awesome timeline – either of your day, or – if you start collecting early – all the way along your engagement. When everyone’s pictures have been uploaded we send the original high-resolution photos to you on DVD to keep forever.

We don’t want you to miss a single moment so make sure to check out the Wedding Tales website for more details.

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