Unique, Stunning Graphic Tempting Tables by Tempting Cake

OMG. Who is ready for some seriously awesome dessert inspiration? I could not be more excited to share with you these totally mouthwatering, insanely beautiful Tempting Tables by the lovely Emily of Tempting Cake. I know dessert tables have been around for some time now, they all sort of start to look a bit similar and are rarely as thought out as some of the other elements you might see in a wedding, but these, my lovely OMG readers, are different. I LOVE THEM! Whether you’re in to brightly coloured salty and sweet snacks or super mod black and white tuxedo clad strawberries, you are going to die when you see these expertly designed spreads.

Make sure to check out the Tempting Cake website for more information on these exquisite dessert tables and thanks so much to both Liesl Cheney and Angie Jury of Old Fashion Knees Up for sharing this awesome collaboration. Also involved were Chilli Bees Catering and Perfectly Tempered. Who’s hungry?

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