i LOVE Session w/ a FAB Graphic Print Dress – Maria & James

Nothing really does it for me more than a good outfit choice for an e-shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoots that are natural, all about the couple and not so over the top with loads of props and backdrop crazyness, but something about the right choice in colour, print or accents makes the world of difference to me. A perfect example of this is the lovely Maria featured in this shoot – I want her dress right now! It’s so cute, and the pop of colour and graphic pattern tickles me pink. Thanks so much to Louise Van der Merwe for sharing this shoot with me, here is what she had to say about Maria & James:

“I basically love celebrating and exploring relationship between a couple. Maria and James have been married 10+ years. The purpose of the session was for them to explore feelings from the past as well as stirring an expectation of memories that must still happen.

We spent some time in one of Esher’s open spaces and it was simply beautiful to see how they connected as I walked them through the session. At times I literally stepped away after capturing the connection allowing them to really take in the feelings that they have for each other.

Make sure to check out Louise’s website for more info and have a good one!

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