English Summer Park Engagement Shoot – Evin & Ahmet

This morning I have an beautiful summery park engagement shoot by the fabulous Rik Pennington. Set outside in London greenery, this intimate shoot was a nice precursor to what I’ve been told will be a lavish Turkish wedding. Here is what Rik had to say:

“Evin and Ahmet were coming to the end of their year studying in London before going home to Turkey to get married. Their wedding in Turkey was going to be big affair so they wanted to do something more intimate for their engagement shoot. They love the sense of greenery and open space in London and wanted to portray this in the shoot as their wedding photos would have a very different feel. I tried to convey a sense of an English summer with the choice of flowers, lush green trees and quirky deck chairs in the middle of the park. We got lucky with some amazing late afternoon sun and I’d like to think that’s the way everyone thinks of an English summer!

Evin and Ahmet were such an awesome couple to photograph – totally into each other and committed to getting the best shots. ”

LOVE! Make sure to check out Rik Pennington’s website and blog for more details and have a good one!

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