Awesome Architectural Leadenhall Market Engagement Shoot – Radha & Shaun

One of the things I thought about a lot prior to shooting our engagement session was props and setting. As you will read tomorrow, I’m not the best at off the cuff styling and understanding spaces and so I was constantly on the look out for engagement shoots that were effortlessly cool, yet decorative and memorable due to their surroundings. (Read: find a cool place to shoot so you don’t have to buy, borrow, make loads of extra stuff.) I’m all about the beautiful outdoors, field of daisies / lavender / flowers sessions because they are so romantic and natural, but I also love when I receive engagement shoots that make good use of the urban landscape. London is such a cool city full of pretty much every type of backdrop you can imagine so make sure to use it! I love how Rik uses the architecture and surroundings to frame each of the shots. Thanks so much to Rik Pennington for sharing these, here is what he had to say about today’s fabulous couple:

“Radha and Shaun wanted to go urban for their engagement shoot as their wedding photography was going to be in leafy Richmond Park. Shaun saw a picture on my website from a wedding last December in Leadenhall Market and wondered whether we could do something similar. So a few Sundays ago we headed out early to avoid the tourists and wondered around the City – Leadenhall Market, the Lloyds building and Threadneedle Street are favourites of mine. I always try to incorporate architectural and environmental details into my portraits and the City provides a rich backdrop of the contemporary and traditional. Photographing such a cute couple was a total pleasure and their wedding was a blast too!”

Awesome. Make sure to check out Rik Pennington’s site for more details and have a good one!

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